Sultan of Scream

It’s 5:00 pm.

I’m sauteeing things, boiling things, dinner time is fast approaching. That can only mean one thing….Eden needs a hug. And by “Hug”, I mean “Cling to Mama’s torso like a koala and refuse to be set down”. Not liking to be told I can’t hold her and cook dinner at the same time — EdenMonster goes into berzerker mode! Screaming, kicking, pulling on my legs so hard she literally pulls my pants down (yeah…I know…it’s funny). Through it all, I finish dinner and I strap my nutty child into her booster seat and hand her a plate. For the next 15 minutes, she yells, cries, and, in an attempt for sympathy, invents booboos to be kissed (she’s clever all right…I can never say no to booboo kisses). Thankfully, she eventually calms down long enough to scarf down 1100 pierogies and a grape.

All is right in the world.

During this 30 minutes, I learned 3 things.
1) I should wear belts more often.
2) I must stop buying ceramic dishware.
3) EdenMonster will one day either A) Sing for the Metropolitan Opera, or B) Front a grindcore band.

Girl’s got pipes.

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