2 Years and Counting

In two years, we’ve seen so much. I remember the tears I shed the night you were born, the torrent of emotion I felt when I heard your cries. I remember how my joy turned to fear when they told me you needed a chest xray and didn’t tell me why. The radiologist came in and kicked me out of your room and the tears came back again. I paced the hall at midnight, crying and fearful. Eventually morning came and with it came good news.
You were perfect.

Soon enough we went home. The setting changed a few times, along with the cast of characters. Through the swirling scenery, it’s always just you and me. I’ve cherished these last two years, and watching you learn about your world. I cherish the simple moments, the playdoh and the picnics. Everyday, I’m proud to be your mom; you’ve changed me. I’m a better person now, and that’s thanks to you.

So thank you, punkers. I’ll be there for you until I’m old and bedridden, and then for a little longer. It’s me and you ’til the wheels fall off.

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