Eden Neutron?

So, Eden had her 2 year checkup the other day and it went just as I’d expected it to.


She’s still small, but not worryingly so. Her height was in the 45th percentile, her weight was 50th. Her head circumference….OVER 100th percentile.
Full of brains, clearly.
Her big head is becoming a sort of running joke…every time a hat doesn’t fit, or I can’t get a shirt over her ears. Or when I bought her new bike helmet for this summer and had to get her the size meant for kids ages 5 and up. Like me, she’s doomed to never be able to wear hats that say “one size fits all” or find sunglasses that don’t cause headaches. In fact, MY giant head has also become a running joke…my mom telling the oh-so-hilarious story of my head always measuring a few weeks larger than the rest of me while I was still gestating and how the doctors thought I’d be born with a mental handicap. =/ OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t…..(or that’s what I’ll keep telling myself). On paper, I’m a smart girl. I eat standardized tests for breakfast. In real life, I’m sort of an idiot. I’m one of those people who’s “book smart” but not “street smart”. And it seems Eden may grow to be the same way. She’s already head-and-shoulders above kids her own age, especially when it comes to her vocabulary and memory. She’s AMAZING at remembering names…it’s almost suspicious. She knows several spanish words, and has figured out how the DVD player and the vacuum work. Teaching her is one of the most amazing parts of being a mother. I LOVE watching her figure things out, I can practically see the little gears in her head turning. Ever since she was born, I’ve been teaching her how things work, what things are. When she was a newborn, and I carried her around in the sling, I narrated my life to her. Told her about everything I was doing, how it worked, why I did it, and I think it actually stuck with her. I’m not a mom that forces flash cards on her kids, or never lets them watch TV or play games…I just let Eden learn about her world in her own way.
She explores, I explain. That’s how it’s always been.

Street smarts are overrated anyway…

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