Today, I binged.

Two liters of mountain dew, a pound of M&Ms, and a bag of potato chips…gone. Thousands of calories consumed in under an hour. It hit me like an electrical storm, throwing me, zombie-like, into the kitchen. I ate and ate, mind numb, until as quickly as it came, it ended. I started to shake as I realized what’d happened. Embarrassed, ashamed, heartbroken, scared. I didn’t purge, not like that makes it any better.

I’m upset with myself, but that won’t help anything. I shouldn’t -can’t- dwell on this misstep, and instead choose to make my next choice a healthy one.

It’s okay to make mistakes, Amber.

Please, stop crying.

  1. I wish I had wise advice for you… just remember, it was just what you said, a mistake. A moment of weakness. You’re a strong woman, and today, tomorrow, and so on will be better. {hug}

    • *hugs back* Thanks so much. I hate this disease, but that’s why I have to fight it.

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