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Journal Entry Sunday

March 8, 2010 “Undress”

180 this morning. Won’t make my birthday goal unless a miracle happens. I’m hoping to get to 170 instead. I’ve been doing well, so I think I can do it. Pilates everyday. No soda. No more than 1000 cals per day. No exceptions.

So today was Eden’s doctor appointment. She’s going to have surgery on april 14th. We’re going to replace the tubes in her ears and remove her adenoids. I’m a little nervous, but everything should be just fine.

Her doctor asked me today if I’m a single mom. I said Yes and he said I’m a really good mom and that he was impressed with me. =) Made me really happy. It’s nice to be validated like that. He’s told me I’m nice before. He’s a nice man. And a good doctor. He’s done a really great job taking care of Eden and making me feel at ease.

I want to buy a new car. Maybe I will.

I’m so ready to graduate and start working. Can it be next march yet? I’m starting to think I might want to work on the administrative side of things over clinical. Either way, I’ll be happy, but that’s what I’m thinking. I’m definitely going to do an hour of pilates tonight. maybe more. And I’m going to take a bubble bath and pamper myself a little bit. I deserve a little self-care. I need to finish my homework too. Just math and anatomy. Shouldn’t take too long. Maybe 45 minutes.


I’m bored.


Love and Hairdye

Okay, I get it–I don’t look like this
Yeah, not at all like that.
I look like this
Yeah, that's more like it.
But my daughter…she looks like this.
Cute. Pretty much Adorable.
Happy. Healthy. Beautiful. Smart. Strong. Well-adjusted. LOVED. I don’t have to be June Cleaver to be a good mother. I might not be perfect, but who is? Sure, sometimes I get frustrated, sometimes I forget to pack just enough things in the diaper bag. I’m only human-I’m not SuperMom. But I do love my child, and I do my absolute best. Everyday Eden is told how much she is loved, how happy I am to be her mama. She’s kissed and cuddled, tucked in to bed with lullabies and her favorite blankie. I teach her all that I know and love her with all that I am. She’s my Miracle baby and I love nothing more than being a mom.
People who pass us in the grocery store can make their judgements. I’ve heard them all. Too young! Single! Why is her hair purple?! Yuck, tattoos! I bet she’s ANGRY! I bet she’s on drugs! I bet she dropped out of high school! Judge all you want, because we know the truth. My daughter has already learned a valuable lesson you’ve apparently missed- Never judge a book by its cover.

Or a mommy by her hair color.
Save your judgement.

Eden Neutron?

So, Eden had her 2 year checkup the other day and it went just as I’d expected it to.


She’s still small, but not worryingly so. Her height was in the 45th percentile, her weight was 50th. Her head circumference….OVER 100th percentile.
Full of brains, clearly.
Her big head is becoming a sort of running joke…every time a hat doesn’t fit, or I can’t get a shirt over her ears. Or when I bought her new bike helmet for this summer and had to get her the size meant for kids ages 5 and up. Like me, she’s doomed to never be able to wear hats that say “one size fits all” or find sunglasses that don’t cause headaches. In fact, MY giant head has also become a running joke…my mom telling the oh-so-hilarious story of my head always measuring a few weeks larger than the rest of me while I was still gestating and how the doctors thought I’d be born with a mental handicap. =/ OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t…..(or that’s what I’ll keep telling myself). On paper, I’m a smart girl. I eat standardized tests for breakfast. In real life, I’m sort of an idiot. I’m one of those people who’s “book smart” but not “street smart”. And it seems Eden may grow to be the same way. She’s already head-and-shoulders above kids her own age, especially when it comes to her vocabulary and memory. She’s AMAZING at remembering names…it’s almost suspicious. She knows several spanish words, and has figured out how the DVD player and the vacuum work. Teaching her is one of the most amazing parts of being a mother. I LOVE watching her figure things out, I can practically see the little gears in her head turning. Ever since she was born, I’ve been teaching her how things work, what things are. When she was a newborn, and I carried her around in the sling, I narrated my life to her. Told her about everything I was doing, how it worked, why I did it, and I think it actually stuck with her. I’m not a mom that forces flash cards on her kids, or never lets them watch TV or play games…I just let Eden learn about her world in her own way.
She explores, I explain. That’s how it’s always been.

Street smarts are overrated anyway…