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Written long ago, but still painfully relevant

I wrote this poem nearly 3 years ago, but I’ve been thinking of it lately. I still don’t have my candles.


Fighting for fire, I’m lost in the headphone exile of abandoned communication.
(AIM vocal cords.)
The world has gone digital and I’m stuck on analog.
Lost in translation?
I’m lost in binary and flash drives and I doubt that I’ll find a dictionary or a map or a UN interpreter before the next update comes!
Frantic (and probably delirious) I threw up an SOS in a chat room or two but all who responded were equally scared (and running on XP.)
Even worse yet was my idea to ask facebook.
Pretentious college students have no time for this!
Myspace…! Myspace…! Call out to the whores!
A haven for high schoolers but what about me?
(No room at the Inn for those with no widget.)

Lost and still scared, I look over to you.
(My wings in an html sky.)
You notice my glance and suddenly (PING) you’re on my screen.
“i ❤ u"
(Is this some kind of compromise?)
Your screen is cluttered with mythical warriors and winged creatures, your key commands control all.
(What controls you?)
I'm reminded of flourescent lights and sanitized surfaces, a daily dose of sterility.
I'm reminded of pill-a-day happiness
and a technicolor demigod.
Have we all forgotten candles?
We all used to love them.
(I still do. I still long for them.)

Year-round it's ice-cold and bright. The white walls are blinding.
But a text message tells me you heart me.
(Maybe there's hope after all…)
Can't take this autoclave universe much longer, I long for candles, I long for wax.
I want to hear your voice.
I want to see the flame.